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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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itself. vic? >> with three black bart workers say offensive acts are an ongoing pattern of racism. they say every time they work alone at night on the tracks, they have to look over their shoulders and wonder if they'll be targets again. >> i walked in. it was written on my locker. my name, and the "n" word, and i should die. >> someone scrawled offensive words on his locker. when johnson went to his supervisor he was told to go to another manager because he was too busy with other things. johnson says he's been a target before, first, two years ago. >> i was picked up and forced
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into a trash can, then placed on a table. >> johnson says bart forced him and two others to go back to work. joseph montgomery has been with bart 18 years. he says the pattern of racism continues unabaited. >> we've had a lot of racial discri discri discrimination against african americans. management sweeps it the carpet. >> bart responded with a statement reading in bart release was reported within an hour and began an internal investigation that same night and allegations workers were orderered back to work is inaccurate. last december a group of bart workers sued bart saying they're being discriminated against in promotions the lawyer says this incident
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proves bart is dragging it's feet in investigating. >> bart has not done it's job in controlling the work environment and those who are rogue in it and racist feel like they can act with impunity. >> a horrific accident in downtown pal yes alto sent five people to the hospital. police say a man in his 90s was trying to park his they say the man's jumped a curb, plowing into people on the sidewalk area. five diners were hit. >> looked like everyone else on the ground, some were twitching. they're in way worse state than he was. >> there is a madness.
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just displaced. like the war zone. another man was next to him, bleeding. >> police say alcohol was not a factor. plea victims are set to be discharged tonight. two others being treated for broken bones. >> suspended state senator lelandy pleaded not guilty to a long list of charges prosecutors unsealed an expanded indictment including a new racketeering charge, which accuses y echt e of soliciting bribes and campaign contributions. and also, being bart of a chinatown crime gang the indictment supersedes charges filed against yee back in april he's free on $500,000 bond. >> a's fans reacting to big news today you can call it a two-fer. they're trading away one of
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their players. oakland gets pitcher john lester and outfielder johnny gomes. i'm between outrage and silenced tears. >> you should have been here, that is what i kept seeing. i have fans who were upset. >> you don't get it. all of this is about setting up the trades and right moves so we can be ready for the post season. news of the trade for john lester and johnny gomes came as a surprise. >> we'll see. it happens. really sad to see him go. let's hope they know what they're doing. >> he is a huge fan favorite, known for being a slugger at the
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plate. john reddic posted this, our rotation with a link to the dramatic chipmunk. here he is winning the all star home run derby, he's known for his rocket arm. take a look at this play against the angels in june. fans credit that throw for saving the game. >> we've come up short twice. >> he says the success isn't in dispute announcing they're keeps plans to hand out tee shirts. the outfielder will no longer be an oakland a. >> this is about trying to stay long term here in oakland. >> he says nothing says build me
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a new stadium like building a championship. general manager. crazy? or crazy smart? some believe by rotation all is one purpose. >> we've had two lefties that are solid. don't get better than that. >> this means the pride of petaluma is coming home to the bay area. his brother was surpriseed and happy to hear news today, joey gomes is coaching a baseball team. he says he hasn't spoken to his brother but got a text saying he's going back to cali and believes johnny will play left field but thinks his brother is being brought in as a leader. >> he's going to mentor the guy. there are players that haven't
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been in a playoff before. with winning a ring, johnny lester and my brother are coming there to bring a settling hand. good trade? >> i loved him. the day he arrived he's tremendous. when he screws up he's on the watch. he botched and there is a play run down. there is only a handful of guy who's can make that play. but gm is tired of losing in the first round. this move is all about winning the world series this year.
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we're going to get thoughts later on in this newscast. >> antioch police are investigating a shooting that sent bullets through the window and froont door of a home, injuring a woman sleeping in her bed around 4:00 a.m on fifth street near "l" street. workers found her bleeding from a gunshot wound on the back of her neck. >> scary. i thought i felt bad i didn't. we went through. >> the woman will be okay. she did need stitches. police believe the apartment unit was targeted. >> the man that stole $12,000 worth of property may be the guy responsible for a string of break ins the sheriff's office released this video of the burglary in a house earlier this month.
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the man was driving a black suv and parked it in the driveway. just like he belonged there and got into a window, leaving with electronics, utensils and jewelry. police are asking if you recognize him to call the sheriff's office. >> caltrans operated in secrecy, a report says, ignoring criticism from engineers the committee ordered the investigation over delays of mraus the report found a pattern of miss management. caltrans accepted potentially hazardous work that had never built a bridge before. caltrans saying many problems were reviewed and corrected the committee will discuss findings next week.
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>> a planned parent hood clinic is asking the city for more protection from demonstrators who oppose abortions. staffers say since the supreme court ruled buffer zones un-constitutional, demonstrators have gotten more and more aggressive and they've started taking pictures of anyone that enters. >> this them alternatives >> supporters staged demonstrations and the clinic wants to keep pro testers farther away. >> authorities say a woman reported missing was found safe because she stayed put. the 61-year-old and her husband
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went hiking and got separated between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m . he searched for her until 2:30 in the morning, then called for help. they found her a mile from the station around 7:00 a.m . >> we're going to pick her up. she goes no. i'm hiking back. >> she walked out with us. and that is a good >> well, the end of an era for drake's bay oyster company. coming up, how it came to an end and people say they're not done fighting to keep this company alive. >> new nature exhibit having photography lovers flocking to academy of sciences. >> i'm sandhya patel.
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looks like tesla has plans to cross the california border to build batteries saying the company broke ground outside of reno last month. reno's proximity to the fremont plant is a plus. the $5 billion factory would
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employ 6500 people, making batteries for the model 3 sedan. >> repairs to a ruptured water main that poured 20 mellin gallons us could take days. workers are now reenforcing that hole and plan to replace the burned section on the line. 960 vehicles are trapped in the garages, many underwater. >> san jose police department now has a drone to help assess bomb threats. the department needs faa approval for air space. american civil liberties union had concerns about law enforcement agencies using
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drones for things like search warrants and surveillance >> if you're a fan of photography these are finalists in the first-ever photography contest. some spent days camped out in extreme locations to get that shot. and it paid off. >> it's a great shot of this penguin. this penguin is so cute. >> circle of life. other pictures show a mid-air attack and there is a ocean wave. winners will be awarded tonight. >> new information shows
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california's historic drought is getting worse. take a look at the map. you can see the bay area in what is called exceptional drought conditions. this is the first time more than half of the state hit that level of drought since the federal government began issuing regular reports in 1990s. >> the oyster farm closed it's retail operations late today. and more on a last-ditch attempt to keep it going. this familiar-owned farm was forced to shut down. >> today was a more emotional
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day i've ever had. sharing tears with the staff when opening the last oyster. >> national park service owns the land. the lease ran out two years ago the supreme court refused to reveal an appeal to keep it open. meaning the public can no longer buy, eat, or shuck oysters here. now, 30 people will lose jobs. those on site, their homes. >> this is really sad day. it's really not fair. some local restaurants filed a lawsuit to stop the closure. >> people come to this area for oysters. 50,000 people are saying where are the oysters >> they're asking drakes continue until the case is heard the company is allowed to keep
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harvesting at the site. >> gets starting a glimpse. >> yes. >> yes. we're going to see triple digits cooking. there that, we've got up to 103 degrees in antioch today. >> too hot. >> yes, it is. >> all right. >> half moon bay? i'm on the way. >> we'll talk about what is going on weather wise. inland areas clear, sizzling. thunderstorms firing up and we still have lightning strikes. red flag warnings at 11:00 p.m
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. so be aware there is fire danger. 103 in antioch. we see this around this time of the year. 85 in santa rosa. 70 richmond. morgan hill, 97 degrees. beautiful view we're looking at high thin clouds. 62 in the city. half moon bay, 59 degrees. sunny skies and here is a look at the temperatures. 80 in santa rosa now. low to mid-90s still around concord livermore. and here is just an amazing view from our east bay hills camera.
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there is going to be a wide range of temperatures for the weekend. high clouds streaming in. this hot air mass will continue to expand west. in the morning it's going to be foggy and that fog could be a bit on the dense side. mid-50s to mid 60s and mild in the morning inland east bay. south bay locations 96 in los gatos. 88 milpitas. 70 degrees on the coast in half moon bay. 67 degrees, 74 in downtown san francisco. north bay, 81 sausalito. 60s coast side.
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east bay, 81 in oakland. this is where you'll be cooking in triple digits. 100 in pleasanton. accu-weather forecast, heat continues inland. triple digits expected there. coast, bay coming down a little bit. mid-60s on the low end sunday, cooling sea breeze will reach inland spots. we're looking at 60s to 90s. >> you're not the first person to suggest to just go. >> go. go. >> up next why a day at at and t
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park is more than just basebal
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thousands of kids learned baseball in a special place today, at and t park. 3,000 kids were rewarded with the experience the kids have visited various station that's focused on healthy living and playing ball at one of the greatest
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ballparks. >> special thing is that their team read levels together. and we're showing their integrity and teamwork. >> the program serves 20,000 kids in 90 leagues. >> great job with that program. >> yes. >> it's a sticky situation. thousands of dead fish in the harbor. >> yes. still to come what is killing off the fish and why the harbor master had to declare an emergency. >> a teen-age murder victim's memory honored with music. how jenny lind are keeping her legacy alive. >> and why a new boat may help
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millions of anchovies have come into santa cruz hasher, where they're dieing. >> thousands of anchovies floating in santa cruz harbor. >> have you ever seen this many fish? >> no. >> what is your reaction? >> it's sad. >> and it must be dealt with quickly before they decompose and have an overwhelming stench. >> it's a bucket at a time. once that clears up, i come back in an hour, they'll be filled back here, there are millions of them. >> what happened happened five times before in santa cruz. huge schools of fish seek safety to avoid being eaten but the number of them depletes oxygen
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supply. >> they use up oxygen, then, it creates food sources for star fish and crabs but we don't have enough to keep this up. >> these birds are getting some of the fish and mammals as well sea lions are gorging now. last year they weren't as interested. >> volunteers last year, tons of the fish had to be hauled away. abc news learned two american aid workers that have been
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diagnosed with ebola are being flown back for treatment, they'll be brought here one by one. one will be transferred to atlanta. staff there are trained and fully prepared to care for the patient officials say they're unsure of when that person will arrive. >> i will not be surprised if we see cases here, you can have no symptoms for three weeks after being infected but those cases would not spread around the country. officials issued warnings hot to travel to the countries because of the outbreak. it's the largest since the disease first emerged 40 years ago killing 700 people since march. >> on to money matters. all three major indexes ended
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down. and new records in the bay area, research from cora lodger says 5700 homes sold for $1 million in the second quarter of 2014. college students are taking out fewer loans to pay for also signing up for online registries at stores like target. >> this year marks the 0th anniversary of a 4-year-old girl named jenny lind. >> the parents turned their
6:34 pm
crushing grief into a summer music program. >> hundreds of those students will play in concert as their way of carrying on the memory of jenny lind. 350 students are rehearsing as part of the summer music program. this video provided by the foundation the students know this program was created to pay tribute to 14-year-old jenny lind. she was at the same school, same age, playing the same music. >> her love of music was amazing. losing her is something we'll
6:35 pm
never be able to comprehend >> she was murdered in her home 20 years ago. her killer, never caught. flyers are still out, asking for witnesses please to come forward. the linds work with the sheriff's office, hoping for justice in the murder. >> one of the current plans is to utilize social media to make sure the case is publicized and that the community is aware of it we're going to look at the current technology available. >> john and maily get through the day by providing safety and music programs for other children with a lot of support. she would have been 34 this year. >> we get a lot of joy from working with young kids.
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this was jenny's passion. >> cheryl will be emceeking the free concert. for more information visit our web site. >> coming up on abc7 news, when it come to managing groceries there is an app for this. >> yes. >> yes. one app claims to ♪
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>> grocery shopping could be a tedious task there is a app that could help ease some of the pain. >> the app is ibotta. i found one that is worth a look. it could save your family money and offers a bit of entertainment as well. >> i cook a lot at home. >> i'm shopping at whole foods with elizabeth. she's using an app caughted
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ibotta to scope deals and get rebates. >> if i buy a 14 and a half ounce can of muir glenn diced tomatoes i can save $0.50. that is great. what i do is that i will come and grab a jar. and i will actually turn it over. to verify the bar code very fast. >> matches. >> that is great. okay. >> she continues to shop, finds additional items. goes through checkout, leaves the store, reopens the app and takes out the receipt. >> so what you do is like this. take a photo. i finish. i finish. >> with that, money is in her account as a rebate. over and above discounts at the store. here, she has $23.75, that could
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be redeemed in several ways. including pay pal, or gift cards from major retailers >> it's a fun game i play at home. before getting to the store. >> you get cash. it's money paid to you right as you walk out of the store. >> that is brian leech. he says it's a social media tool as well. >> users will push heart button to tell others what they recommend. then, they form teams, too. so if you sign up and we're friends, we're on each other's ibotta team. all of us get cash rewards. now, many companies make a big deal out of the social aspect.
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there are games and fun facts. you can go to abc7 and select 7 on your side. there is information on how to contact me and tell me about problems you may be having. there is a link there. >> so can we be on your team? i figure you're going to get the best deals. >> yes. >> thank you. >> all right. >> well, love getting out on water but hate getting sea sick? >> one boat might make it a thing of the past. we'll take you on board and technology lending new
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for thousands of years people have gotten sea sick. that could be about to change thanks to a strange contraption. >> people turn to wave, chances are they've never seen a boat like this.
6:46 pm
>> in this boat you can you go through waves and not spill your martini. the boat uses sensors ones that detect every ripple and wave. >> it's kind of uncanny if you're used to regular boats. you're holding on as soon as waves get more than about a foot or two. >> right here under the golden gate bridge being on board is a nice car ride the crew chases down ferries. it's like hitting a pot hole. >> it turned out he'd seen us
6:47 pm
and was entreesed. >> the there is something bigger in the works >> here we have two hulls for the next boat. this is designed to keep a level deck. >> that is unheard of. >> the deck could be anything. work boat, it could be a yacht. >> amazing. >> yes. >> all right. do you know a young person making a difference in the bay area? kids from 5-18 have until midnight to enter to win where they volunteer. it's in partner shich with youth
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service america. recipients include 16-year-old star, founding a debate league in new york state for girls. and we'll have more information on abc7 >> time to get a check on the weather. >> it's clear inland we have the fog at the coastline now. temperatures around sacramento. 88 in los angeles. and here in the bay area, our climates will be obvious mild in half moon bay. 70 degrees. and down in walnut creek
6:49 pm
degrees. taking a look at a's taking on rules the skies should be clear. it's going to be mild heading into your friday. looking at the accu-weather forecast, backing off into mid-90s. mid-60s coast side. nice there the fog is around people living in san francisco love the fog. >> all right. thank you. >> you mentioned a's memorial game. the list. >> yes. >> a's made a big splash during the deadline we'll hear from billy bean on th
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we've been talking about this startling move dealing cespedes to the.
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cespedes a rare talent and hunl fan favorite. a great arm, and power. every time he comes to the plate, it's a spectacle you stop what you're doing. a's do acquire a three-time all star and he has the second best winning percentage among active pitchers. he's a rental for the stretch drive and playoffs. and he spoke to the media just moments ago. in this case, he knows the best position of the game and has been for a long time. just an opportunity to pass up on this. >> yes. it's difficult.
6:54 pm
you have to do something that you need. >> johnny gomes heading back to the bay area. 13 last year on their way to a world series championship. the ride of petaluma, 32 rbis in 78 games this season. will be part of a platoon probably the a's started an arm's race with that lester deal because they made a deal for david price. price 11-8, era just above three. joining justin in order to get price austin jackson was in the middle game
6:55 pm
this afternoon. and he knew it's because he was just traded. he's heading to seattle. now a's acquire outfielder sam followed for tommy malone. fold played in several games this season, then with a 3.55 era. baltimore ravens running back apologized for striking his then fiancee, now wife. rice pleaded not guilty and avoided a trial by accepting a pretrial intervention program. there are fan that's feel a
6:56 pm
two-game ban is just not enough. and today apologized for his behavior. . >> i let people down because of 30 seconds that i know i can't take back. i made a huge mistake. i want to own it and say it to my teammates. one thing that i wanted to do today was apologize to my wife. she can do no wrong. she's an angel. >> golf now and 268 here, four back up. a leader had eight birdies and two bogeys. approach on six here. leechman the leader and has a one-shot lead. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> be sure to join me tonight at
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9:00 tonight, in taiwan explosion that's are blowing apart a city, coming up at 9:00, then, at 11:00 he's been making moves for commuters along 101 giving drivers heart. but just why is he there? what does he hope to accomplish? the story, tonight at 11:00. >> that is going to do it for us right now. >> from all of us here, thanks for joining us.
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this is the "jeopardy!" teen tournament. now let's meet today's three finalists -- a junior from edison, new jersey... a junior from boca raton, florida... and a sophomore from little rock, arkansas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. these three young and welcome. these three young and welcome. these three young men have had some brilliant moments in their previous appearances with us on "jeopardy!" and now they get to play for the big bucks. $75,000 will be awarded to one of them tomorrow, as well as the glory that comes with being declared the "jeopardy!" teen champion. so, cooper, alan, jeff, good luck.
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here we go. jeopardy! round. this is a two-day, total-point affair, and the first round features these categories. we're dealing with geography here. we want you to give us the state immediately to the left of the state we will tell you about. each correct response will be a word that can be formed from some of the letters in the word "information." cooper, start. "scarlet letter," $200. alan. what's "a"? that's it. "scarlet letter" for $400. alan. what's homeopathic medicine? mm.


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